Thursday, Apr 3 2014
The local no-kill animal shelter here in our hometown of Asheville, NC is Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a pet haven we stand behind with all four paws. As a non-profit their organization creates a temporary home for up to 100 animals in need at any given time, providing them a healthy space to grow both mentally and...
Wednesday, Feb 26 2014
The sun is beginning to beam through the winter clouds and your pet’s wiggly little paws are just as ready to pounce around in the sweet spring air, shedding that thick winter coat right along with ya! And just like us, your little tail waggler wants a new way to say "Heeeey" for both a new year and a fresh season.
Thursday, Jan 30 2014
While that sweet little sniffle occasionally escaping from your pet as they doze off into their own four-legged dream world is just too cute for words sometimes, a grizzly bear growl holding you hostage at 3am is not a Kodak moment for either of you.
Monday, Jan 20 2014
Personal space is a delicate thing. Ever been to a concert where everyone was bumping into you, and it just ruined your night? Wouldn't it be nice to have a force field; a 360 degree circumference that people couldn't step on or spill their beer in or just generally invade?For some dogs, personal space is a big issue...
Monday, Jan 6 2014
The holidays are over and we have all probably taken the Christmas Tree down and forgotten our New Year's resolutions. Now that 2013 has ended and a new year has begun, we have decided to take a look at the most popular cats from the past year. Check out this list of the top 4 most famous felines of 2013. 
Friday, Dec 20 2013
 I love visiting my family in Colorado over the holidays, but I always dread leaving my dog, Ira, behind. He's technically too big to fly in the cabin of a plane, and I just can't justify checking him in like a piece of luggage on two different flights across 1,500 miles.
Tuesday, Nov 26 2013
Mmmm… Thanksgiving is here and it's everyone’s most cherished time to whip up the old secret family recipes. While we’re nomming down on grandma’s deviled eggs and Aunt Jo Jo’s sumptuous red velvet cake though, there are a few important things to keep in mind when we slip the hand under the table to share with our...
Monday, Nov 4 2013
So you’ve discovered those extra dangly little appendages on your sweet pup’s little legs? Should you have them removed for fear of them hindering your precious pooch’s performance in life? Are they normal?
Thursday, Oct 24 2013
Halloween is right around the corner! Time to break out the fun size candy bars (and try not to eat them all),  put up some decorations, and get your costume together. It's also time to think about pet safety. Halloween can be a stressful time for pets--strangers coming to your door, lots of commotion, and, if...
Thursday, Oct 3 2013
The Obama administration took a giant leap just a few weeks back to make it known that they disagree with Breed Specific Legislation against the stereotyped ‘aggressive dogs’ in city legislation. Responding to a petition started on ‘We The People’, the government’s official site for public suggestions and commentary,...
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