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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Clarkston, Washington

I am the Founder and acting President of Building A Bond Between Species, a 501c3 Non-Profit created to assist equine and canine owners by providing access to basic education, information, support, emergency aid, and activities that promote partnership and bonding. The intent of B.A.B.B.S. is to help reduce the number of horses, donkeys, mules, and dogs that are re-homed or relinquished each year because of behavioral issues, financial hardships, or lack of owner knowledge. I have a veterinary technition and legal assisnat background that has aided in making my dream a realaliy; to be able to reach out and really make difference for the animals by working with their owners or caretakers. All my life I have been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, from mice to horses and everything in between, a passion passed down from parents. I am blessed to be working with a group of equally passionate and determined peopled in Building A Bond Between Species.

My husband I share our home and acreage with four our own personal rescue horses (a Paint mare, an Appendix Quarter Horse/ Baskir Curly Cross gelding, an Arabian/Quarter Horse Cross gelding, and a Morgan/ Arabian gelding),four dogs who adopted us, (a standard collie, two border collies, and a Pomston), and five feral barn kitties (all fixed).

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Lorre is wearing Building A Bond Between Species ©
Lorre is wearing Building A Bond Between Species ©
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Diesel is wearing Fierce Dragon Tag