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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009
BrokenHeart Pets

The BrokenHeart Pets follows the humorous and touching escapades of Scooter the dog and Boots the cat as they search for a forever home. They imagine themselves as superheroes, space explorers, rock stars, cowboys and other things in the hope that someone will love and adopt them. Their perspectives reveal new wisdoms as they bring a smile to our faces and help open our hearts to others.The BrokenHeart Pets supports animal welfare and shelters in various ways.For every tag purchased from the BrokenHeart Pets Collection, $3 will be donated to a local animal rescue organization.A creation of artist Daryl Slaton, the BrokenHeart Pets have developed with the input and efforts of Louise Glickman. As animals lovers (especially rescue dogs), we support animal rescue and welfare. Daryl has a commercial art background and a lifelong love of cartoons. The BrokenHeart Pets is represented by a children's book agent and an animation/children's entertainment agent.

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Pet models wearing

BrokenHeart Pets's Art
Jake is wearing King Scooter Dog Tag for Dogs
Dash is wearing Super Scooter 2 Pet Tag
Daphne is wearing Cowboy Scooter Dog ID Tag
Boomer is wearing Fireman Scooter Dog Tag
Marley is wearing Scuba Scooter Dog Tag for Dogs