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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009
Aimee Cozza

Southern New Hampshire

Aimee Cozza is a freelance illustrator from New England. She has engaged in many artistic exploits, events, and projects with the sole interest of expanding her creative borders. Originally from Medford, MA, she moved to New Hampshire to attend college for the continuing education program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She enrolled in a figure drawing course, and found she thoroughly enjoyed traditional artistic studies. In 2012, Aimee graduated with a BFA in illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. Currently, Aimee resides in Salem, NH creating various works for a variety of clients.

Along with illustration, Aimee also works in marketing design, web design, and product design. She has created marketing material for a variety of clients, including, but not limited to Wicked Pissah Glass, Zombie Bat, Able Bodied Movers, Wicked Seams, and Jaded Fetish Party. She also enjoys creating concept art, story board art, comic books, and graphic novels. She has authored, illustrated, colored, and self-published six comic books and graphic novels, including titles such as “A Way to the Stars”, “Aftermath”, and “Don’t Know Jack”, as well as two picture books such as “Friends, Foes, & Lovers”, to date. She also has co-produced and helped other artists complete and publish their works, including two poetry books such as “Anthology of Lost Memoirs” and “Harbingers of Innocence”, and a collaboration calendar called “The Space Calendar Collaboration 2014”. Aimee has also worked on community outreach projects including a mural for cat alley, a mural for the Friends of Manchester, and a greeting card design in 2011 for CASA. She also worked under professional airbrush artist Jeff Hardy to complete two airbrush murals on Chevy Novas. In addition, Aimee likes to create original and reproducible skateboard and long board deck and grip designs.

Aimee has often felt a certain pull to help herself and other artists gain real-world exposure in the blossoming New Hampshire art scene. Aimee organized art events such as “Art on the Sidewalk” and “Unknown Artists” in Derry, NH. In 2010, she took up a position at The Steez Gallery in Nashua, NH as Gallery Director. With this position, she was able to meet many artists and create many events for some of the brightest upcoming artists in the New England area. In 2011, The Steez Gallery closed, but Aimee continued organizing events to help local artists gain real-world exposure.

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