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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Newport, OR USA

Hi, I'm Vicki,
I live in beautiful Newport, Oregon. I'm a freelance designer/illustrator and am accompanied in life by my two dogs; Jack the Cairn Terrier mix (Picked up as a stray, adopted Jan. 2010) and Pittypat the Jack Russell Terrier (Rescued from a puppy mill, adopted Jan 2010). It's quite the active doggie household with two terrors, uh... I mean terriers in the mix. I came across the website when I adopted Pittypat, and was looking to find a fabulous new ID tag for her. I love these unique and creative dog tags, and it is alot of fun making tags too. I like to hang out and make tag designs when it's rainy and cold out. This is Oregon—so, needless to say, I've made alot of tag designs.
Enjoy! —and don't forget once you've purchased a tag to submit photos of your pet(s) sporting their new ID tag. Its alot of fun to see the tags be worn. 

My general motto when it comes to pets: always adopt (I found mine at, microchip/tag, spay or neuter, and no matter what, keep and love them till they grow old and pass away.
Another good motto to live by: Cover it with an afghan. Nobody will notice that fist sized cavity chewed out of the couch seat if it's hidden under blankets, right?

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Pet models wearing

Vicki's Art
Eddie is wearing Little Monster Pet ID Tag
Boomer is wearing Pin Up Girl Pet ID Tag
Venus is wearing Breeding is Overrated Pet ID Tag
Moose is wearing Nouveau Arabesque Pet Tag ID
Coco is wearing Good Girl English Bulldog ID Tag
Lando is wearing Dino Pet ID Tag