We Keep Best Friends Together
An Act of Dog

Louisville, Kentucky http://www.anactofdog.com

Mark Barone and Marina Dervan, have created the organization, An Act of Dog, for the sole purpose of protecting the lives of our beloved pets; whose current fate in our animal shelters today is… Death Row!

Our dream is to usher America to restore its integrity, by becoming a No-Kill-Nation.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the 5500 Dogs killed each year in shelters across the USA, through the medium of a powerful Art Exhibition and Documentary.

We are creating 5500 paintings of those individual dogs, whose loyal spirits were needlessly killed. No longer alive to be ‘mans best friend,’ because we failed to be their best friend.

Mark Barone, an established and successful Artist for over 30 years, will be painting 5500 12"x12" portraits of each dog that has been killed. The exhibit will be presented 10 panels high by 550 panels long at select Museums across America.

Phase 1: Animal lovers are needed to become sponsors, by donating a small sum, so that we may continue to dedicate all of our time to the creation of the 5500 works. Each sponsors name, together with the dog that was needlessly killed, will be added to the painting, uniting their spirits in the hope that they did not die in vain.

Phase 2: Art Exhibition and sale, to raise the much needed funds, intended to change laws to reflect a more responsible and compassionate America. 100% of all monies raised from each sale will be donated to those organizations actively working towards a No-Kill-Nation.

For a more complete description of the Project "An Act of Dog" go to our web-site at www.anactofdog.com.

Please join us in pursuit of ‘what works and what matters,’ by standing with us, to be the voices for all those dogs that have not been heard, and those that are awaiting your call.

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