We Keep Best Friends Together
Chelsea T


I'm a Louisiana-raised Southern Belle and I love my pets. I have two cats and a dog. I'm actually more of a dog person, though. My dog, Dixie, is a beautiful border collie that's coming close to her last years, unfortunately. One of my cats, Calico, was probably around when dinosaurs roamed the earth. She was a stray when she came to us (fully grown) and we've had her for 15 years... my family and I are convinced she's trying to outlive the rest of the pets. Our new addition to the family is a gray tabby, Dewey. He's a jungle cat at heart and brings in his trophies from his backyard hunting: about 3-4 lizards a day. I've been doing graphic work for about 4 years, now, and am loving it. I'm inspired by all things comical and all things Southern. I love my Louisiana heritage and am convinced it is the most fun state in the US. :)

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