We Keep Best Friends Together

Bio Karen McCabe is a playful artist. As a pet owner, her tag inspiration comes from her pet’s lovable qualities. She focuses on the connection of those qualities to the pet owners. She uses a bright palette, humorous themes, and puts a twist on common imagery to achieve this connection. What inspires your designs? All the pets I’ve had and loved through the years have had such funny little quirks and lovable personalities. I’ve really thought about those qualities for each design and tried to capture them in a unique way. What's your favorite pet story? That would be the one Thanksgiving my little 20 lb dog, Peanut Butter, mysteriously got up on the kitchen counter somehow when nobody was looking, and helped herself to an entire pumpkin pie. Are you more of a cat or dog person? Well I’ve had both and loved them all dearly. My favorites are smaller dogs and cuddly cats. Right now I have one dog, a cocker spaniel. She definitely prefers to be an only child. 

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