The Old Lake Highlands Neighborhood Association (OLHNA) advocates on behalf of the residents of this wonderful East Dallas neighborhood. The Old Lake Highlands (OLH) PetWatch team is part of the OLHNA and would encourage all residents in OLH to Tag  their pets with Dog Tag Art tags using OLH logo.  If your pet goes missing, residents can quickly identify that your pet belongs to OLH neighborhood because each pet Tag will have the name of our neighborhood below the OLH logo. Additionally, each pet Tag can be personalized with pet /owner information. If your pet is found outside the neighborhood, others are able to quickly identify and target their search efforts to our neighborhood if for some reason your contact information has become invalid or if you don't answer the phone, other neighborhoods can reach out to OLH PetWatch and we will make sure your pet gets returned safely.

A portion of each OLH logoed Pet Tag sale will go to support OLHNA PetWatch. These pet Tags come in 7 different colors; Pink, purple, blue, orange, green, red and black. Order yours today!

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