We Keep Best Friends Together
Paisley Fish

Phoenix, AZ

I am a cheerfully cranky thirty-two year old woman who is only 4'11" tall (that's 149.89cm to you metric people and really friggin short to every one else.)  I have a BA in psychology and run the front office of a pediatric doctors office.  Remember, the nicer you are to the office staff the more likely we are to produce miracles for you. I live with my wife Emily in Hell, er I mean the Phoenix Metro area where we believe that grass should be illegal but the HOA doesn't care about our feeble opinions. We have two rescued pure bred German Shepherd dogs.   Our female, Wednesday is classic black and tan, seven years old and finally learning how to be a dog. The neighbor's cat, Pumpkin is her nemesis.   Our male, Havoc, is a white GSD, 2 and a half years old, and a total velcro dog.  He never wants to be left alone in a yard again. Pumpkin is his best friend. The vacuum cleaner is my best friend.Wednesday was adopted from Mixed Up Mutts and Shepherds Too (http://www.mixedupmutts.net) and Havoc came from White German Shepherd Rescue  (WhiteGSDRescue.com) where we also volunteer.  We also have three cats.  All are fully arms, (We believe in buying new furniture, not declawing cats) but never go outside. Two, Sam and Dean, (12 and 17 lbs. respectively. All muscle, we swear.) are brothers and rescues. Like all rescues they're weird but very grateful. Last but not least (or smallest) is Schuldig. When we met him as a kitten he was chewing furiously on a metal coat hanger.  For some reason we thought this was cute and it made us think it was a good idea to bring him home.  He is still making us pay for this.All of the tags are hand cut paper done by me.  Some people watch TV.  Personally?  I don't even have cable in the house aside from internet.  I prefer to cut up paper.  The images are largely unphoto-shopped.  Sometimes I will smooth out some creases or colors but no major changes are made.  

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