Paw it 4ward

Paw It 4ward foundation was established in April 2013 to assist local animal rescues with funds to offset the exorbitant medical bills they incur throughout the year. Often dogs cannot be saved from shelters because their medical care costs is too high and many rescues are presently carrying a large amount of debt that hinders their ability to continue to rescue dogs. The foundation name signifies its purpose – to give back. The foundation also would like to create a community setting to foster growth and success for all involved. Paw It 4ward foundation will benefit participating rescues by having them work together and communicate common goals and best practices.

In February of 2014, we expanded our reach to also became a rescue focused on bully breeds with urgent medical needs from local kill shelters. All rescued dogs live in foster homes since we do not believe in kenneling our dogs. Through breed ambassadors, we hope to showcase the amazing bully breed. All rescue fundraiser profits are specifically used for our rescue pups’ medical expenses as well as expenses for their regular care.

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