Aurora Vega-Dottavio

Logo design, jewelry, colors, and doggies….

Put them all together and they form the best combo!

For 17 years I was a full-time designer at an advertising/public relations agency.
Now I am a full-time mom eager to keep designing now and then.

While I worked as a graphic designer,
one of the things I liked the most to design was corporate logos.
I’ve always loved jewelry… and bright colors are my fav! Add to these, my love for dogs.
Ruby, my 14-year old schnauzer, is my ever companion and crying shoulder.
Bison, my brawny bull terrier, is my 55-pound muscle baby.

One day I needed a tag for Ruby, and didn’t find one that I really cared for.
So I told myself, why not have some fun!... combining some of the things I love the most.

So there you go. I want to work on tags with symbols that each one can identify with.
Your pets (doggie, kitty, iguana, piggy, rabbit, ferret, etc.)
will have a happy fun look, while kept safe.

And who says only pets can use these?
How about as bracelet charms, tags for book bags, lunch bags, keychains, or zipper pulls!...
Boys, girls, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad …There’s no end, matching designs for all.

It’s time to have some friendly fun!

Thank you!

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