Salley Ashley

I am a U.S. Army veteran, wife, student, and proud mommy of three furbabies--no human babies. I have two domestic cats, Zoe & Zeus, and a precious maltese, Mollie. Although I love Mollie to bits, she requires a lot of maintenance; so I think I'm ultimately a cat person. Not that an online alias like LostKitten would indicate such a thing.

My inspiration comes from life. Although I'm fairly young in many peoples eyes; I have traveled the world, met incredible people and learned so many things. I have had a passion for computers since grade-school and I'm currently working on my Computer Science/Arts degree. My adoration for art and knowledge of photoshop is what led me to create an account here. I think individual expression is a must and who better to tell the world about how great you are than your four-legged companion?