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Holiday Gift Guide For Dog Lovers | Dog Tag Art

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that special pet lover in your life? Look no further. We polled our fans, employees, and pet parent friends and family members to put together the ultimutt 2020 holiday pet gift guide. 

Whether youre buying a gift for a pet parent friend or simply want to spoil your furball with exciting gifts this year, let these top-notch pet products serve as inspiration for your holiday shopping!

Stylish All-In-One Harness Walk Kit by Wild One

There are harnesses and collars and then there is this super comfy, lightweight dog harness, dirt-resistant collar, and poop bag carrier, perfectly matched to boot! Wile Ones dog pet accessories are designed with function and fashion in mind so that your dog can strut the streets in style.

Calming Natural Pet CBD Tincture

If your pet experiences a lot of stress and anxiety, then this natural CBD tincture could help them feel calmer and more at ease. Its formulated specifically with pets in mind, made using natural ingredients like organic coconut MCT oil and full spectrum hemp extract. Simply add a few drops to their food and let the zen begin!

Pet Wine

Yup, you heard that right. Now you can enjoy a glass of your favorite wine alongside your pet. Pet Winery combines two of the greatest joys in life: wine and pets! Their pet-friendly beverages are made with natural ingredients like organic catnip, salmon oil, and vegetable juice. From Meowsling to Dog Pawgrignon, the petwinery.com has plenty of totally safe, non-alcoholic beverages that your dog or cat will love as much as you love that glass of Cabernet.

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Long-Lasting Bacon-Flavored Nyla Bones

One of the most durable dog chew toys out on the market! Nyla bones are a godsend for dog owners, as they can keep your puppers busy for hours-on-end. These tough bones help prevent your dog from destructive chewing and are made from long-lasting nylon with different textures to keep your canine interested. They even come in different flavors, like this irresistible, savory bacon bone. Did we mention it promotes dog dental health? Its a win-win!

Dapper Pet Bow Ties by The Foggy Dog

This one is for all our dapper dogs out there! Other pups will be green with envy when they see this plaid flannel bow tie by The Foggy Dog, which can be matched with any one of their stylish bandanas. Suit up, pups!

Pet Stairs to Match Any Room

Does your dog want to cuddle but can never seem to climb up to your California king on their own? Relieve their stress and disappointment by giving them some pet stairs to climb. Made in the USA with mattress grade cushioning and a machine washable cover, these comfy stairs come in various patterns and colors to match the personality of your home. Snuggle city, here we come.

Breed-Specific Dog Necklaces by Sincerely Silver 

A tasteful, dainty gift for that special dog lover in your life! Sincerely Silvers breed-specific necklaces come in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold with varying chain lengths to fit the recipients size. These beautiful necklaces also make great gifts for anyone who has recently lost a pet.

Matching Dog Bandana and Face Mask

Now when you and your pup go on a walk, you can match perfectly. With this handmade bandana and face mask matching set, available in a variety of designs, no one at the dog park will make any mistake about who your adorable poodle belongs to.


Thunde, fireworks, sirensthese are all nightmare sounds for anyone who owns an anxious dog. Thankfully, theres the ThunderShirt, a natural, vet-recommended vest that applies gentle pressure, giving your dog or cat a a sense of instant calm. Think of it like swaddling a baby in a blanket! Proven to be over 80% effective in reducing anxiety for fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, problem barking and more, The ThunderShirt come in a variety of colors and sizes, including options for anxious cats.

The Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge Toy with Catnip by PetFusion

If theres one cat product that gets the prize for being the best multipurpose cat product, itd be this one. With its sleek design, comfy shape, multi-functionality, this lounge will have your feline purring away in its curved cradle in one moment and entertaining their scratching instincts (which are perfectly natural!) the next.

Custom-Designed Pet I.D. Tag

Shameless plug: here at Dog Tag Art, we have thousands of pet I.D. tag designs to choose from, including the option to custom design your own tag! Choose from our artists designs or simply upload your own, and well print it out for your dog or cat to wear proudly. You can also connect any of our tags to a Virtual Leash profile, keeping your pets information up to date, anytime, anywhere for life.

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There's no doubt about it: there are hundreds of pawesome pet gifts out here! Have an idea for a holiday pet gift? Share it with us on social media! Use the hashtag #dogtagart in your post and we may reshare it with our fans.