We Keep Best Friends Together


Bella is wearing Pink Paisley

This is Bella, my 5 or 6 year old black pug, whom I rescued last summer. We saved her from a puppy mill in TN. Her foster mom rescuer kindly drove her down to Baton Rouge, LA for me. Bella now lives the good life as she proudly models her new beautiful paisely pink ID tag. She's wearing a lot of pink now so people who meet her will "get" that she is a she! 

My sister lives with my husband and I and between us, we have 3 cats and 2 dogs who are all outfitted with Dog Tag Art ID tags. We've been long time fans of these tags, ordered so many of them over the years and today when Bella was accidently let outside, it was her ID tag that got her back home to me right away!

Thank you to everyone at Dog Tag Art! Everyone on staff is always so pleasant to work with and we get our ID tags in a timely manner. We tell our friends and family about you and proudly display your bumper sticker on our car because we believe in the importance of all pets having ID tags. And this includes our three indoor only cats - just in case they might get scared and run out; we want all of our rescued babies to come back home to us. Your tags give us that added security that we won't lose anyone!  

Thanks so much for creating such beautiful and durable ID tags; we appreciate you all so much for being there for our pets! 

-Emma Schroth Whitney