Thursday, Jul 16 2015
We’re all familiar with flu season and the shots, tissues, fevers, and pains that come with it. But did you know that dogs can get the flu too? And, like people, they can get sick any time of year, not just during designated seasons.
Tuesday, Jun 30 2015
The fourth of July means fireworks, barbecues, camping, swimming, and a ton of fun. Sadly, the noise and excitement of the holiday weekend also accounts for a 30% increase in lost or runaway pets. So it’s super important that your special pals have updated pet ID tags just in case the fireworks scare them off or a...
Friday, Jun 19 2015
National Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 26th. We love to brag about our hardworking fur-friends! Take a look at what these pets do to bring home the kibble. Don’t forget to read performance reviews from their loving “supervisors.”
Monday, Jun 15 2015
Many pets love to go for a dip to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Just like people, some are strong swimmers, while others have a hard time keeping their heads above water. It all depends, and there's only one way to find out: by getting them in the water.
Wednesday, May 27 2015
We’d like to tell you about a sweet pup named Rue, whose inspirational story was shared with us by her loving mom and Dog Tag Art pal, Stephanie. Though the early years were rough, lots of determination and love helped Rue find a new and better life. We are so glad that some of our funny pet ID tags helped Rue’s...
Thursday, May 7 2015
Happy Mother’s Day to all of the two-legged and four-legged moms out there! Today is your day and there’s no better time to celebrate your unmatchable influence on our lives. These amazing Dog Tag Art fans told us about their loyal mamas and how much they’ve made the world a better and brighter place.
Sunday, Apr 19 2015
Earth Day began in the United States in 1970 and has since become a global movement for environmental protection that can be celebrated by all of Earth’s residents, including the furry ones. Here at Dog Tag Art, we value people, pets, and the planet above all, which is why our custom pet id tags are made in the USA...
Wednesday, Apr 1 2015
April is home to several well-meaning pet holidays, aimed at either increasing animal rights and safety awareness or your pet-induced smiling quota for the month. For starters in lifting our paws of praise, April is officially designated Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, thanks to the American Society of the...
Monday, Mar 16 2015
Do you have your green picked out for St. Patrick's Day? There’s no reason to leave your four legged pals out of the fun -- St. Paddy's is for everyone! Now, I'm not suggesting that you dye your dog green, and yes, that really happens.
Saturday, Jan 24 2015
There are more crazy pet holidays than even we can keep up with however we’re certainly wagging our tails for this week’s recognized day of celebration. January 24th, 2015 is ‘Change a Pet’s Life Day’ which started in 2009 to raise awareness for the growing number of homeless pets around the world. To honor that, we...
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