Smile if You're Gay Dog Tag
Smile if You're Gay Dog Tag

Yeah, I'm happy and I show it. So what? Don't mind me and my rainbow-colored underoos. Haters are just gonna' hate anyway, so I'm gonna' let all my loving light shine with the sweetest of custom dog tags, "Smile if You're Gay." Some may scoff at how out in the open I am with my flower-powered style and personality, but I just smile and wag my tale cause I'm sexy and I know it. Not all dog tags for pets let you tell it like it is! Thanks Dog Tag Art for a pet ID tag I'm proud to wear.

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The dog tags are made in the USA of a recycled steel core and coated with a special coating that fuses the colorful graphics permanently to the pet tag. Each tag comes with a sturdy metal split keyring for attaching to the collar. The large dog tag is 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm) and the small is 7/8 inches (2.2 cm) in diameter. All are guaranteed to never wear out or we replace them for free. Designs are copyrighted (c) by the artist and Dog Tag Art. All rights reserved.

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Hello! Your dog tags are amazing! I have two dogs, one tag was bought from your store, the other was bought from another. The one from the other store is chewed and scratched and yours is still brand new looking! I am happy that both their tags will be from you!! Thanks! -Nikki Van Eden

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