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Pet Identification Tags with Personality

Is your pet a mama’s boy, ninja kitty, squirrel lover, or nut job? Or are they more vintage, sporty, fancy, or trendy? Either way, Dog Tag Art’s designer pet ID tags cater to pets of all styles – NO personalities excluded. If you don’t see anything you like in the categories below, go ahead and create a custom dog identification tag that makes your best friend stand out in the pack! All of our pet ID tags come with a lifetime guarantee and 4 lines of personalized text that most often include important medical needs, contact information, and your pet’s name.

Pet Tags for Dogs, Cats, or any Furry Friend

Our pet identification tags look great on all animals, including horses, pigs, or any four-legged member of your family. Above all, we want to help you keep your pet looking good and safe. That’s why we make pet id tags that are easy to read, bright in color, and durable. It’s also super important that you have a great time when you order pet tags online with us. If you have any questions or concerns, just let us know. Check back often for more creative and unique designs from our incredibly talented, pet-loving dog ID tag artists.
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