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Holiday Gifts for Dogs or Dog Owners Who Have it All

Unique holiday gift ideas can be difficult. Especially when the particular dog or dog owner already has just about everything they could ever want. There are so many pet products currently on the market that buying thoughtful and interesting presents can become overwhelming at times. If a dog owner is on that holiday shopping list of yours this year, take a minute to look over these gift ideas. These unique gifts are perfect for pets or pet owners of all ages and there's a suggestion that will fit just about every shopper's budget. 

Halloween Pet Tips - Dog Costumes, Candy and Trick or Treating

It's almost here! Halloween is on the horizon and the witching hour is drawing near. As the days tick by this week please keep in mind that your pets are affected by this holiday ritual as well. Most of us think of Halloween as a time of parties and pranks, but there are some steps every loving pet owner must take to ensure their furry friend is safe and out of harm's way this season. Whether its dog costumes, dangerous candy or lots of door bell ringing, problems can arise... along with the living dead.

Company Founder Speeds in a Dog Suit to Promote Pet ID Tags

People will go to great lengths to get a point across.  Some are funny, others are just plain dumb.  What is important, is this:  If you're going to do something crazy, do it in a giant dog suit.  Jack Carrier, a scooter fan, and founder of DogTagArt.com teamed up with Ian Urquhart to bring this video to you to help promote Pet ID Tags.  Any one that has a brain knows that proper identification is essential to keeping your pets alive.

Dog Separation Anxiety Cures: 5 Ways to Chill Out

by Rachel Howe Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. One of the top reasons dogs are given up or put down are because of their anxiety problems. They show it through barking, digging in the garbage, and creating messes inside the house. There are many reasons why dogs suffer from it. Lack of leadership and knowledge of dog separation anxiety cures are the top reason dogs suffer from anxiety. Another big reason they show anxious behavior is due to lack of exercise.  

How long does it take to get my submitted art published?

It can take up to a couple weeks, but the norm is less than a week.  We have to consider these factors when making the publish or no publish decision:

   * Sellability: Will anyone buy it?

   * Design quality: Is it clean or does it have jagged edges?  is it the right size?

   * Uniqueness: Do we already have similar designs on the site?

We also like to "space out" our publishing schedule to keep the first page of the catalog fresh and interesting.  If it has been more than two weeks and you want some feedback you can contact us about your submission.