Packers Fan Custom ID Tag
Packers Fan Custom ID Tag

Let your little furry buddy cheese it up with the 'Packers Fan Custom ID Tag' - A shiny banner of Green Bay allegiance!  Seeing as all of our custom dog tags and pet ID tags are made from 100% recycled steel core, your pet's sporty new tag is guaranteed to be as durable and fade-resistant as your love for your favorite football team. There's no need for a huddle-up to decide on ordering this tag. It was made specifically with you and your pet in mind! This tag is perfect for game days, and your family and friends will love seeing your team's colors flying high (well, mostly dangling neck-level) with pride sail as your pet shows off his devotion to Wisconsin's finest. Show off your faithful fandom and order yours today!

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The dog tags are made in the USA of a recycled steel core and coated with a special coating that fuses the colorful graphics permanently to the pet tag. Each tag comes with a sturdy metal split keyring for attaching to the collar. The large dog tag is 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm) and the small is 7/8 inches (2.2 cm) in diameter. All are guaranteed to never wear out or we replace them for free. Designs are copyrighted (c) by the artist and Dog Tag Art. All rights reserved.

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The quality of this tag was wonderful. It would also be great for someone to keep on their keychain for a person use. -Lani Vaughan

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