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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

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My name is Bella. My mommy rescued me from the Fresno country side. When I was found, I was just skin and bones. Since with my mommy, I love to eat and get snuggles. I lick to lick people. I love people a lot. I like to play my own way (not yours)and am so excited, I have trouble being trained. But I know basic phrases like "Breakfast time," "Outside" and "Treat!" I like to bark to talk. If I am scared of you, I might bite you. It is only because I am scared. I am most usually very happy and very social. I am also well traveled, and love hanging out a cafes.

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BreedChihuahua on the chunky side, but on a diet!
Medical ConditionsNone really, but I have been on a diet and lost weight that I have gained since I was spade. I should only eat wet food because I tend to eat too fast and choke. I almost died once from choking, but my mommy saved me. Ever since, I only eat wet canne