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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

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I am Josie, a 2 year old brindle pit bull mix with a big brown patch over my eye. I am microchipped. please take to a vet so they can find where I go. I am 48lbs and very slender and muscular. I run really fast so please do not chase me as I will run further. I love food, any food, so i can be bribed with food. I also love other dogs so I may run to them. I will not bite you and love to give lots of kisses. I am good with kids, but I do play rough. I am a strong girl. I go to Gem city dog obedience and my vet is Evergreen Vet clinic in centerville, Ohio and also Veterinary Alternatives in Centerville.

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Breedpit bull mix