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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

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Hi! I'm Merlin, a handsome looking Sheltie. I'm a bit nervous in new situations and with new people, but give me a few minutes and I'll settle down.

My Mom says I'm really smart, however since I am deaf, I'll appear to ignore anything you say to me.

I follow hand signals and sometimes I just understand what my Mom wants.

Please be patient with me while you try to contact my Mom. I have two tags, so please check the second tag for my Mom's work phone number.

Oh yes, while we wait... do you have any treats???

More about Merlin

Medical ConditionsOther than being deaf and having seasonal skin allergies, Merlin is a very healthy boy. As of March 2, 2013 he is 14 years old, but is, as the vet said a few months ago, healthy as a 7 year old.