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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

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Name: Tilly Marie Reid
Age: I was born August 1, 2010
Location: Currently live in Alexandria, Virginia, near the Seminary exit of 395.

About Me:
I am very much loved by my mom, Morgan, who would miss me terribly if I were to get lost. My mom says reward will be offered to anyone who can help Tilly find her way home. I was originally born in Dallas, TX, but have moved a lot already for a puppy my age. I have a lot of energy and like to rough house with my family and other dogs.
Often I have long, shaggy hair and bangs. Currently my hair is very short and I look like a different dog!

Favorites: Turkey, long walks, belly rubs,cuddling, making new doggy friends! I am very friendly with other pups.I'm a very thirsty puppy, so my mom is constantly having to fill up my water bowl.

Dislikes: Bath time, and being left home alone. I'm confused by small children, but don't get mean around them.

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