Back to School ID Tags for Kids

Dog Tag Art ID tags work great for pets but they also are a very cool way to ID your kids and keep them stylin' when they return to school this fall. We have tons of colorful designs that you can choose from to fit your child's personality or to match their favorite backpack. You can also upload a photo of your little ones or a special piece of artwork they have created and put it on one of our durable ID tags. It truly is a great combination of fun, creativity, and style. 

These unique ID tags can be attached in any number of ways:

Shoe Laces Necklace Pendant Jacket Zipper Key Ring

Below are some of our exclusive designs we have picked out that would work great for kids. You can just click on the one you like to order it. We have thousands more for you to choose from if none of these suit your fancy or you can upload your own image by using our simple Custom Tag Creator.