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"We keep best friends together with quality, technology and style."

The company was started by Jack Carrier to solve a problem. The spark for his idea can be attributed to his old Chocolate Lab that is persistent in one thing: wandering off.  One evening Maggie wondered off with out-dated tags that resulted in a complicated web of phone calls and worry before she was finally returned.  Jack thought "there has to be a better way for a finder to get in contact with me, WITHOUT it depending on a phone number."  Jack was  traveling a lot which meant Maggie would be unprotected for long stretches of time, which was dangerous. That problem kicked off the idea and resulted in this company.  

Jack and Maggie

The solution to that problem was launched in May of 2010.  "Virtual Leash" solves the problem by allowing pet finders to use a pet's unique website to contact MANY people INSTANTLY and simultaneously using voice (robo-call), text messages, email, and Twitter.  It will also show any address you choose on a Google Map.  It lets finders see important info about your pet immediately.

While Virtual Leash was in development, Dog Tag Art launched in June 2009 as a side project and grew in it's own right to become a community built around fun, art, our beloved pets, and giving back to support animal welfare.  It continues to grow and attract more awesome artists and user-submitted "super-model" pet photos.  

Russ Barker
In December of 2009 Jack was joined by Russell Barker. With over 10 years of previous experience in the e-commerce field, Russ saw great potential in Dog Tag Art. Russ has an educational background in Multimedia Art and Design. He is now the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and oversees the overall day to day operations here at Dog Tag Art. Russ is a veritable jack-of-all-trades around the office and is very hands-on with many projects within the company. When not busy raising his three boys and taking care of business, Russ enjoys video games, reading, and watching various movies and television series.

Ryan Deal

Ryan joined the Dog Tag Art crew in the Spring of 2012. He has a professional background in event production and experiential marketing and a BA in political science. Ryan is the Wholesale Services Manager for Dog Tag Art and has taken a lead role in customer service and sales. He also remains vigilant in the upkeep of positive team morale. When he has free time he likes to garden, take hikes with his chihuahua Frijol, find great spots to swim and fabricate political conspiracy theories. Ryan is also very involved in the local Asheville Ultimate Frisbee community.

Pia Wuerfel

Graphic designer and cat person, Pia Wuerfel joined the Dog Tag Art team in the Spring of 2012. She has a background and education in design and illustration. Originally a contributor as a dog tag artist, Pia is currently the Creative Director at Dog Tag Art. She also helps out with administrative duties and is the colorist on our web comic series This American Dog. Pia lives in West Asheville with her husband Paul and two cats, Osaka and Churps.

Paul Wuerfel

Paul Wuerfel joined Dog Tag Art in the Fall of 2013. He has a background and education in design and various visual mediums. Paul is currently Head of Production at Dog Tag Art, managing the whole of our production line and the team that works on it. He keeps track of every moving part and takes care of initiatives to increase efficiency and quality. When he's not hanging out with his wife Pia and their two cats, Paul practices yoga, writes music, and performs with his band.

Edwin Mericle

Edwin Mericle joined Dog Tag Art in November of 2014. He is currently the Assistant Production Manager. Edwin makes sure that Dog Tag Art's products make it out of the office without any bumps in the road and that they look the best they possibly can for our customers. Edwin graduated from UNC Asheville with a B.A. in Music. When he isn't working, or spending time with his wife, Becca, you can probably catch him playing in half-a-dozen bands around Asheville.

Natalie Chotiner

Natalie Chotiner joined Dog Tag Art as Marketing Director in the Spring of 2016. Natalie manages the social media channels and takes care of finding new and interesting ways of getting the word out about Dog Tag Art. Her background is in advertising and publishing. She moved back to her hometown of Asheville after living and working in Washington, DC for 6 years. Outside of work, she spends time running, biking, and hanging out with her 2 dogs, and 2 black cats.

Watch this video to see a typical day at Dog Tag Art:

Our company is located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina:

Dog Tag Art
370 N. Louisiana Avenue
Suite H-1
Asheville, NC 28806

Telephone: 855-364-8242
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