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image: The Laurel of Asheville
March 2015 | Local Products Section

Dog Tag Art was once again featured in The Laurel of Asheville magazine. This time they decided to do a whole article on us and our company. This very informative piece features quotes by our C.O.O. Russ Barker and briefly explains the origins of Dog Tag Art. It also focuses on our mission of "Keeping Best Friends Together".

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image: WLOS
August 29, 2014

Dog Tag Art was featured on WLOS Channel 13 here in Asheville, NC as part of the evening news. WLOS, an ABC affiliate, is the main local television station here in Western North Carolina and they covered our donation of $10,000 to the local no-kill shelter Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Check out the video below where Jack Carrier is interviewed about the reasons behind the donation and our company.

image: The Laurel of Asheville
December 2013 | Wedding Section

What better way to propose to the one you love than with a Dog Tag Art tag that pops the question? We were featured in The Laurel of Asheville as part of a very unique story in which our tags were used in a very sweet marriage proposal. This heartwarming article is a great read and tells a wonderful story.

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image: Asheville Citizen Times
November 3, 2013 | Living Section

Dog Tag Art is featured once again in the Asheville Citizen Times! This time we were the focus of an extremely heart-warming article on how our pet ID tags played a big part in a very thoughtful marriage proposal for a young couple from Raleigh, NC. We dare you to read it and not feel all warm and gooey inside!

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image: Asheville Citizen Times
June 9, 2013 | Engage Business Section

Dog Tag Art's latest project with author and artist Kathleen McCafferty was highlighted in the Sunday edition of the Asheville Citizen Times. This American Dog is a web comic written and illustrated by McCafferty and colored by Dog Tag Art's own Pia Wuerfel. The article provides a very interesting Q & A session with McCafferty about the project and its future.

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image: Asheville Citizen Times
May 12, 2013 | Living Section

Dog Tag Art was featured in the "Living" section of the Asheville Citizen Times. The story spotlights Dog Tag Art's donation of tags to a local therapy dog program, "Paws on a Mission" at Mission Hospital. This program provides about 100 therapy dogs for use in the hospital to help people who are there for extended stays to recover and bring a smile to their face.

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image: AKC Family Dog
May/June 2013 | Spring/Summer Gear Guide

Dog Tag Art was featured in the Spring and Summer Gear Guide in The American Kennel Club's publication "Family Dog". Our tags were recognized as one of the top picks for summer travel and activities.

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image: Asheville Citizen Times
August 12th, 2012 | Made in WNC - Ideas Section

Dog Tag Art was featured in the "Made in WNC" column in the Sunday edition of the Asheville Citizen Times. This column is located in the "Ideas" section of the local newspaper which covers industry and small business start-ups in the area.

This business profile article contains a brief rundown of Dog Tag Art and the ideas behind our company. It also features some cool photos of Jack and Maggie and our tags.

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image: Better Mornings Atlanta
May 28th 2012 | Pet Products Showcase

Dog Tag Art was featured on "Better Mornings Atlanta", a morning news show on CBS 46 in Atlanta. We are the first product mentioned and our tags even adorn the segment screen for the pet products showcase. Jennifer Valdez and Justin Lock report on some interesting pet products with Dog Tag Art at the forefront.

image: Sacramento & Co Logo
July 14th 2011 | Pet Summer Travel Tips

Our awesome tags are featured about 4 minutes into this great video (no longer available) which appeared on the popular morning show "Sacramento & Co" which airs on channel 10, an ABC affiliate in California. This segment focused on hot new items to make summer traveling with you pets more safe and comfortable. Tierra Bonaldi speaks briefly about our many designs and Virtual Leash, and also showcases a tag we made especially for the show.

image: New York Times Logo
June 19th 2011 | Pet Services Guide

Dog Tag Art appeared in The New York Times (tongue in cheek)! Yes, we paid $259 for it. Regardless, we appeared in the famous paper on June 19th, that is now is garbage bins across the country.

Are we going to appear in an real article in The New York Times? We've got confidence that it will happen. When? Who knows, but we're sending some positivity (and samples) to their offices.

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image: Dog World Logo
April 2011 | The Modern Age by Liz Palika

Covering 5 high-tech gadgets for today's dog owners, this article provides some great information on new pet safety products. This showcase of modern pet products was a perfect fit for our online registry service, Virtual Leash.

We were honored that Dog World chose Virtual Leash along with 4 other products to feature in this article. Jill Gibbs was quoted in the write up, giving our service a glowing recommendation.

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image: Sacramento Bee logo
December 28th, 2010 | By Gina Spadafori

This article, featured in the Sacramento Bee, provides a few great tips on checking yearly to make sure your pet's collars and id tags are up to date and in good shape.

Dog Tag Art and our virtual leash service is featured as one of three great products that can help keep your pet safe and get them home when lost.

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image: Pet Life Radio logo
November 20th, 2010 | Best Bet for Pets

We are featured in the second segment of the very first episode of "Best Bets for Pets" - a radio show that is currently running on the Pet Life Radio network. Michelle Fern interviews Jack Carrier of Dog Tag Art about our great pet ID tags and the Virtual Leash service.

"Dog Tag Art has outrageous, fun pet ID tags that are functional fashion for pets and people. Also profiled is Virtual Leash, which allows you to maintain a unique website (a.k.a. online profile) for your pet with unlimited emergency contacts that can be instantly notified. The website can send you, and your emergency contacts, messages through email, Twitter, text message and voicemail when your pet is found. Tune in to find out all about these cool pet products!"

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image: Pet Connection logo
November 5th, 2010 | By Jill Fisher Gibbs

We were featured in a very detailed blog post on that reviews the setup process and advantages of our Virtual Leash program. This is a great article for anyone thinking about subscribing.

"As you can tell, I am very impressed. The company has done its homework and produced a noteworthy product. The monthly charge is reasonable and affordable. If my dogs are ever lost, I would be overjoyed in being reunited with them an hour later rather than, possibly, days later after the microchip is searched."

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image: Pet Product News logo
October 2010 | Boutique and Gift Products

Pet Product News International featured our adorable holiday themed pet ID tags in their list of hottest pet boutique and gift items for the season.

"Dog Tag Art presents a line of holiday tags, which are designed for pets to wear at Christmas parties, in holiday greeting cards and around the neighborhood. The full-color tags are made for dogs, cats, and even horses and pet owners..."

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image: Dog Fancy Logo
October 2010

We were featured in a "Companies That Give Back" section in the October issue of Dog Fancy magazine. They highlighted our partnership with the ASPCA of Franklin County, NC. Since the publication we have also partnered with 'Unchain Dogs' of Charlotte, NC and are working on several other partnerships with animal welfare organizations.

If know of an organization that could use our tags in their fundraising efforts please contact us.

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image: Regis and Kelley logo
August 2nd, 2010

At 1:50 in this video (no longer available) we were featured on Regis and Kelly as part of their "Traveling with Your Pets" segment.  Harrison Forbes of Pet Talk described the travel benefits of Virtual Leash and showed off our custom ID tags. We made a special one for Kelly.  Harrison describes how having Virtual Leash added to a Dog Tag Art tag can help return your pet.

Virtual Leash is a unique website address printed on your pet's ID tag. This unique website can alert you and unlimited contacts when a pet finder clicks one button. It also uses Google Maps to show the finder any address you wish as a safe place to return your animal.

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image: new york post logo
May 7, 2010 | By Robin Wallace

"Not your average dog tag! Whether her dog or cat is a Mama’s Boy or they’re BFFs, mom won’t be able to resist the unique customizable tags for pets. offers hundreds of full color tags that capture pets’ personalities and help ensure they find their way home if they become lost. Create custom dog tags with your own photos or artwork by simply uploading them. Surprise mom with a tag for her favorite pet by visiting"

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image: DogTime logo
July 10, 2010 | Secret Shopper Blog

"If you're looking for a pet ID tag that's different and reflects your pet's inner dog or cat, I recommend taking a click-trip to the Dog Tag Art website. They have hundreds of designs to browse through! I found everything from cute to edgy; practical to hysterical and; classy to retro. If you really want a one-of-a-kind tag, you can upload a picture of your own. You can even "become an artist" by submitting your designs and, if they're chosen, receive $1 for each of your tags that are sold!"

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image: AB Tech logo
Winter 2009/2010 | Small Business Profile

Asheville Buncombe Technical College featured Dog Tag Art in their Small Business Profile section of their winter course catalog. This article showcases the announcement that Dog Tag Art was the winner of a business plan competition and a $25,000 grant from the college.

"Carrier was inspired by his own pets for his business idea. I have two dogs and one of them is a 13-year-old chocolate lab and is notorious for wandering off. As my contact information has changed throughout her lifetime, many times her tags were incorrect for several months until I got around to purchasing new ones and that kicked off the idea. I wanted to create something that will prtect pets when they wander off, regardless of the owner's location or phone number."

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image: Charleston Daily Mail logo
December 3, 2009

We were featured in a in-depth article in the Business section of the Charleston Daily Mail, a local newspaper from West Virginia. This article tracks the history of Dog Tag Art and our director, Jack Carrier.

"Jack Carrier, who grew up in Hurricane and now lives in Asheville, N.C., began his online business,, this past June. His company makes sturdy pet identification tags with a twist - design a colorful front to the tag that he likes, and Carrier will add it to his inventory of designs, plus give you a buck for every tag of that design sold. It's called crowdsourcing..."

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image: Asheville Citizen Times logo
September 6, 2009

Dog Tag Art and it's founder Jack Carrier were featured in the business section of our local newspaper, the Asheville Citizen-Times. It describes our partnership with local and national Humane Societies and gives a detailed background of our company.

"Pet identification tags have become a lot more expressive thanks to DogTagArt's designs. The new business uses a "crowd-sourcing" platform that allows artists, designers and pet lovers to upload full-color, original graphic art designed to fit on a round aluminum tag..."

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