Dog Tag Art, EARTH University and Conscious Capitalism

Dear Friend of Dog Tag Art,

Have you ever noticed how countries doing business together don't war with each other? That's why when I think about how all I really want for Christmas is world peace, I ask myself if capitalism might be the answer.

I just finished reading Conscious Capitalism, a book that crystallized many of the things I like best about being a business owner. I love being able to make a difference, in measurable ways that help my customers, their beloved pets and our planet.

As part of Dog Tag Art's mission to be a company focused on Conscious Capitalism, We are committed to making things better for People, Pets, and our Planet.



People - Dog Tag Art strives to give our customers a high-quality product that gives them peace of mind by keeping their furry friends safe and secure. We are also committed to providing our employees with a fair living wage and a harmonious work environment as Dog Tag Art is truly an "Employee Powered" business. 

Pets - Dog Tag Art keeps pets safe with style and helps them to be returned home when they wander off. This keeps animals out of shelters and rescues and in the arms of their loving family. We also regularly donate to non-profit organizations that make the planet a better place for our four-legged friends. Another goal for us is to educate pet owners via our blog and community outreach events so that they are better informed and aware of how they can best take care of their pets.

Planet - Dog Tag Art operates as a "green" company. We use recycled steel in all of our ID tags and our manufacturing processes are non-toxic and earth friendly. In order to maintain a low carbon "paw" print we source our materials from the USA and use environmentally friendly shipping materials. We are also striving to run our company using 100% renewable energy by 2015.


These are just some of the ways in which Dog Tag Art is following the ideals of Conscious Capitalism. I would also like to invite you to learn more about EARTH University, a private, international, non-profit university offering an education in agricultural sciences and natural resources. Located in Costa Rica, EARTH University's innovative educational approach prepares young people from Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions, including Africa and Asia, to contribute to the sustainable development of their countries and construct a prosperous and just society.


On November 19th we sponsored a live Google Hangout featuring a panel composed of students and leaders at EARTH University. To learn more about the Conscious Capitalism that EARTH University promotes and meet EARTH University students who are creating businesses based on the principles of Conscious Capitalism please view the video below.

In order to promote and support EARTH University, Dog Tag Art will be offering a limited edition EARTH University key chain/pet tag with each donation of $250. All of the money taken in will be added to Dog Tag Art's own donation to EARTH University to help with their wonderful programs and mission.

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Yours in consciousness,
Jack Carrier
Founder and Director
Dog Tag Art