Nyan Cat Tags Are Here!

New for 2014, Dog Tag Art is proud to be the exclusive provider of Nyan Cat themed pet ID tags. This brand new line of tags features Nyan Cat and a host of other characters from artist Chris Torres. There is sure to be a little something for everyone (even dogs) in this amazing colorful line-up.

The Original Nyan

Ninja Nyan

Pirate Nyan

Nyan Coin

Cool Jazz Nyan

Video Game Nyan

Rasta Nyan

Dub Step Nyan

2014 New Year's Nyan

Valentine's Day Nyan

St. Patrick's Nyan

Easter Nyan Bunny

Fiesta Cat

Fiesta Dog

Patriotic Nyan

Merry Nyanmas

Tac Nayn

Zombie Nyan

Pumpkin Nyan

Mummy Nyan