Virtual Leash Video Transcript


Virtual Leash means extra safety in case your pet gets lost. Think of Virtual Leash as giving your pet a voice when it counts. Here is how it works...

When you select the Virtual Leash option from one of our tag pages this reserves a website address JUST for your pet, which will be printed on the ID tag.

Sometimes the phone number is enough to return a lost pet. Other times phones fail. Now there is a reliable backup: the profile page.

Once a simple profile is completed, potential FINDERs will be able to see important information such as special needs or medical conditions.

In your pet's profile, you will be able to setup unlimited emergency contacts. Each will be contacted in the method you choose when your pet's FINDER visits the online profile.

When the FINDER clicks the "I found this pet" button, they enter the last 4 digits printed on the tag for security, then their name, phone number, and a simple message.

When they click submit, the FINDER's message is instantly sent to all emergency contacts by Robo-Call and Text Message and we also use Email and Twitter. By using multiple methods of contact we greatly increase the chances of success during a loss event.

The FINDER is also shown a Google Map of the pet's address. You can change this as often as you like, even for weekends at the pet sitters.

Don't risk your pet's safe return on a phone number or even a microchip. Virtual Leash means smart safety and security for your pet. Visit to purchase a cool, colorful ID tag and subscribe to Virtual Leash.