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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Conway, NH

Lupine In A Nutshell…

From the very first collar more than 20 years ago, founders Scott Badger, Dave Jensen and Valerie Jensen have committed themselves and their business to ensuring that Lupine adheres to three core principles every day:

Do One Thing Very Well – We decided at the very beginning to focus on making the best collars and leads possible, period.
Insist on Quality - Here at Lupine, we consistently strive to improve the quality of our products and services we provide to our retailers and consumers.
Give Back – We live and work in a wonderful community. It just feels right when we can help our friends and neighbors, whether they have two legs or more!

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Pet models wearing

Lupine's Art
Snoopy is wearing Dapper Dog Lupine Pattern Pet Identity Tag
Carly is wearing Lupine Panda Land Pattern ID Tag
Karst is wearing Bling Bonz Lupine Pattern Dog Tag for Dogs
Atreyu is wearing Muddy Paws Lupine Pattern Dog Collar Tag
Lucky is wearing Tickled Pink Lupine Pattern Dog ID Tag
Swayze is wearing Shadow Hunter Lupine Pattern Dog ID Tag