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Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Keeping Best Friends Together Since 2009

Asheville, North Carolina

What's your favorite pet story?

We had this crazy dog that liked to swim underwater.  You could throw a rock in a pond and she would dive down and get it!  

Are you more of a cat or dog person?

I've always owned dogs, but I think my personality is more like a cat.  I like to read and chill out.  I imagine cats doing this if they could read.  

Who is your favorite artist?

I really like Salvador Dali.  His outside of the melting box approach is fun and super creative.  


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Pet models wearing

Jack 's Art
Jojo is wearing Love Me Dog ID Tag
Rosco is wearing SoCal Lab Rescue Dog Tag for Dogs
Ziggy Stardust is wearing Groovy "Pet Me" Dog Tag
Boomer is wearing Coalition to Unchain Dogs ID Tag
Waylon and Kristen is wearing Gluten Allergy Tag
Chewie is wearing Trippy Dog Tag