We Keep Best Friends Together
Humane Society of Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico https://www.hspr.org/

For the Humane Society of Puerto Rico

By purchasing any of these charms for your pets, you are gifting them, and helping their friends in need in Puerto Rico.
A percentage of all proceeds will go directly to the Humane Society of Puerto Rico (HSPR).

It’s time to GIVE them, just because!

The HSPR is a non-profit organization, which shelters animals up for adoption.
Part of our mission led us to become the first NO-KILL shelter in Puerto Rico.

We also take care of animals that either have been lost, or unfortunately cannot be taken care of by their owners.

We at HSPR have a basic veterinary clinic. We also offer dental, microchip, vaccination, and sterilization services.
Talks to schools and other communities are given, as part of our educational program.

We heavily depend on the aid of others. Your support is greatly appreciated.
You can also help by directly donating to our page:



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