Jane Sayre Denny

I'm an award-winning artist and illustrator.  When my cats, Julie and Jack, and I moved and they began exploring their new area, they needed new ID tags. Our family pets have always worn St. Francis of Assisi medals by order of my mom.  But when I went looking to replace their St. F tags, the only choices seemed to be either real gold or sterling medals for $$$ (Julie would get mugged in 5 minutes with that on her neck) or cheap looking copies.  Then I found DogTagArt which allowed me to design my own and post it for sale!

I designed a really cute rustic image of St. Francis protecting a cat at his side and was thrilled with the tags that came.  I put them on the cats, and we went about our business.  Two months later, I got a royalty check.  Apparently, my design had sold 20 copies!  Whuuuuuuut?!  That inspired me to do St. Francis for dogs.  When that sold 50 copies, I did St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Christopher and St. Benedict.  I have since added St. Gertrude and St. Martin. To my complete amazement, these things sell better than any other of my designs. Catholic pets.... who knew?!

But even better than seeing my tags sell is seeing the fantastic photos of pets wearing my designs!  OMG, I squeal every time I see a new one.  KEEP POSTING PHOTOS!!!

I take requests! If you have an idea for a tag you want designed, write me.  I'll make it and post for sale.  Check out my other work at,, and  You can find my books, 'Harry Goes To Heaven', 'Emmaline', and 'The Twelve Cats of Christmas' at  You can also follow Twelve Cats of Christmas and The Pride Cartoon on Facebook.

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