We Keep Best Friends Together
Janice Serilla

My name is Janice Serilla. I live in Santa Cruz, CA with my husband
Niall and our fur kids, Finn, Harper, Aunt B, Candy and Oonagh. (photo of me is with Detective Tinkerton-RIP little fellow!)I am a soft goods designer which I have a business under the name Mackerilla Design. I sell my sewing pattern designs on my ETSY  page as well as local and other internet shops.Pets
have always been my passion. I love all animals and wish that they all
could have great lives and not have to suffer. Too many animals get
discarded, abused and neglected.  Allot of animals get dumped due to
their conditions. Some get ill or seriously injured and the owners
either can't pay for their care or won't. So they get put down, taken to
a shelter or kicked out of the home. And of course with these rough
times allot of owners have been abandoning them maybe hoping they get
found or they just don' t care. :(I
want to create products to sell to help people understand about
handicapped pets. Whether they are blind and deaf, have a serious health
condition or a missing limb,  eye or ear, they need a good home too.
People need to be aware that these special "Gimpy Pets" need and want
love too. They are just as normal as a healthy pet. They don't worry
about their conditions. They live and thrive just fine. People should
consider the broken ones too when they decide to adopt a pet. And NOT be
afraid of caring for a handicapped pet.

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