Rebecca Lynn

New Hampshire

I live in Colorado. I work for a large, non-profit animal/enviro. conservancy org. Crazy about ALL animals, no matter how slimy, cute, ugly, etc. I enjoy freelance graphic design as a way to decompress. I love all dog breeds, but have a special affinity for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I have two boy kitties who happen to be brothers. They do a professional job of wrecking my house and everything in it. They derive immense pleasure from torturing my Welsh Corgi. I volunteer for my local Humane Society doing pro-bono work like, fundraisers, outreach & education and events. All animals are precious and deserve to have a life free of pain, suffering and fear. We are their voice. ALL proceeds from the sale of any of my tag designs goes directly to support my local animal shelter. If interested in getting involved in animal rights issues and signing petitions: Please PM me on facebook, and I shall get you set up. It's always a good time to get involved and stand up for the defenseless. On Facebook: Rebecca Lynn DrellerI would LOVE to see photos of your furry babies wearing any of my tag designs! THANK YOU!

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