Sarah K.

Charlotte, NC

The creative content manager for a Charlotte-based web design, social media, and SEO firm, Sarah is dedicated to helping small businesses improve their digital footprint. And cats. And dogs. Cats and dogs. Though really she loves most all animals excluding reptiles and arachnids. Her next animal encounter on her bucket list is visiting with the manatees in Crystal River, Florida. She's already seen koalas, wallabies, and fairy penguins in Australia, swam with stingrays in Mexico, and fed otters in Canada, among other encounters. On the more domestic side, she has two cats — Penelope (14), who a co-worker found underneath a house when she was a tiny kitten, and Trouvé (4?), who showed up on her front porch one day and didn't leave — and one dog, Bruce (11), who was supposed to be a Norweigan Elkhound when he was adopted but turned out to be a 60-lb brown hound and an extraordinarily friendly one at that. Sarah volunteers as a rescue animal transport driver through Doobert.com, helping animals along their journey to their forever homes. Her art for Dog Tag Art focuses on simple and useful designs with a message.

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