The 38 Best Dog Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

What are the best dog Instagram accounts to follow? We sent our best sniffers out to discover which canine-related accounts are like-worthy in 2021.

The 38 Best Dog Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

What social media does RIGHT. It’s not much, but WOW does it give us some cute pups. If you’re like us and love to follow dogs on Instagram, you should really take a peek at this list of our 38 favorite dog accounts to follow!


Aspen the Mountain Pup

Follow this photogenic golden retrieiver as he travels the world with owners, moving from one open road adventure to the next.


Kiba the Australian Shepherd

Aussie lovers, this one's for you. Kiba is a furry adventure pup with beautiful, piercing blue eyes. He loves the outdoors and most of his content is centered around selfies taken in gorgeous natural landscapes.


Boop My Nose

Dog noses galore. No really this account shares a daily dose of snouts of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, giving you a glimpse of just how diverse (and endearing) a pup's nose can be! Plus, you'll never be able to look at your dog's nose again without giving them a little "boop!"


Cooper and Capo

Follow these beautiful sibling Aussies as they live their best lives, from getting spoiled with treats to going on outdoor adventures and barbecues.


Daily Barker

There's a variety of feel-good dog content here. Enjoy a daily photo of featured dogs from around the world, plus the occasional support and awareness for therapy dogs.


Django and Chloe

Django and Chloe might not be siblings by blood, but they're definitley bonded by heart! This account shows off these two cute pups from one adventure to the next, all with crisp, Cali vibes.


Dog Feelings IG

Hilarious thoughts of a dog, posted on Twitter, and reposted here for the world of Instagram to enjoy. You will laugh.


Dog Derp of the Day

Love a good DERP? Meet one of the silliest dog Instagram accounts, full of funny furry faces, gaggly tongues, and bloopers to boot.

Dogs of Instagram


A post shared by DogsOf (@dogsofinstagram)

Dogs of Instagram is basically "the" account to follow for dog lovers. It's a one-stop content shop for all things pup-related, featuring funny, adorable, and handsome pictures of our canine friends from around the world.


Dogs of Shelters

Managed by the same folks who run @dogsofinstagram, @dogsofshelters features adoptable dogs from around the world, all in one place.




A post shared by Baboy (@dogwithsign)

Baboy is an adorable little pup with strong opinions, which he voices through hand-drawn cardboard signs, one Instagram post at a time. This account is sure to make your laugh thanks to Baboy's witty words and cute smiling face.


Ella Bean the Dog

She might not be Best in Show, but this tiny, sweet rescue pup sure has won the hearts of millions on Instagram. Plus, the account now features her rescue siblings Coconut and Fifi.


Rae the Golden Retriever

Rae is somewhat of a unicorn in the Golden Retriever world. With only one ear, this lovable pup has still managed to live her best lifeand yes, she can still hear!


Got Dire Wolves

Meet Odin and Thor, the canine actors who played the role of Summer & Grey Wind on HBO's Game of Thrones. Follow this account for beautiful pics of Ireland, forests, and of course, two handsome Northern Inuit pups.


Harlow and Sage

The story of Harlow, a Weimaraner, and Sage, a Miniature Dachshund, lives on in this account, despite Harlow passing away years ago. Now, the account follows Sage and his adopted siblings, Indiana (another mini daschund) and Reese. Ok, while the family dynamics might be a little confused here, all you need to know if this account shows off some serious canine cuteness!


Doug the Pug

With his squishy face, love of food, and passion for pop culture, Doug the Pug is one coolerpug. Follow this pup-fluencer for all the warm and puggy feelings.


Jackson the Dalmatian

For those who love this spotted breed, this account will give you plenty of Dalmation content to ooh and ahh over. Follow Jackson and his spotted siblings as they don a new accessory, from birthday hats to rain jackets, each week.


Jiff Pom


A post shared by j i f f p o m (@jiffpom)

This tiny, fluffy pomeranian is perhaps the most followed animal on Instagram. But it's not just his cute stuffed-animal looks that have caught the attention of so many around the world. Jiff Pom is also a talented entertainer, holding two Guinness World Records for the fastest dog to walk on two legs!


Keeping Finn

A rescued street dog from Puerto Rico, Finn is living his best life traveling across the country in a van. Follow this adorable mutt, and his sibling Henry, as they go from one wild adventure to the next.




A post shared by Loki the Wolfdog (@loki)

Loki is a handsome wolfdog who loves the mountains and the great outdoors. Need we say more?!


Maxine the Fluffy Corgi

Maxine the Fluffy Corgi is just that a furry NYC corgi who isn't afraid to show off her #corgibutt. Badass.


Marnie the Dog

Although the adorable Marniea female Schitzu rescue dogs no longer with us, her sister Phyllis has taken over the account in full stride. The senior rescue has mastered Marnie's signature "tongue out" look, as well as posing like the queen she is.


Maya the Mini Dachshund

A long-haired mini Daschund with a sweet angel face, Maya loves sweet treats, pink things, and cozy blankets. She's also passionate about taking naps with her siblings, both the human and furry kind.


Bodhi the Menswear Dog


A post shared by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog)

An adorable Shiba Inu named Bodhi shows off his chic style that's bound to give any Vogue cover a run for its money.


Pavlov the Corgi

It's hard not to fall in love with Pavlov, a California Corgi who loves to play games, dress up, and go on adventurous walks.


Pudge The Pite

@PudgethePit is about so much more than Pudge - it's an account that documents Melissa's adopted rescue pups and her attempt to give them a second chance at a better life.


Sawyer the Labradoodle Puppy

A Mini-Australian Labradoodle, Sawyer is one cute fluffball who enjoys dressing up, no matter the occasion.


Say It Once Dog Training

You'll learn something new every day by following Vinnie Somma, an award-winning dog trainer that shares digestible tips and tricks for training your pup. With Say it Once Training, you'll finally understand why your dog won't stop barking or how to get them to not jump all over your guests.


Lego the mini bernedood

Lego is an adorable Mini Merle Bernedoodle, living the dream life in Brooklyn, NY. Anyone who follows this account is sure to find this smiling face and cute curls most endearing!


Sir Darius Brown

Sir Darius Brown is a 14-year-old on a mission to help animals get adopted by donating handmade, stylish bowties to shelters and rescues across the country. Follow the journey of this young and inspiring entrepreneur as he grows his business Beaux and Paws in service of the greater animal good.


Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer and animal advocate who travels around the U.S. (and abroad) to photograph shelter and at-risk dogs, often wearing flowery headdresses. It's art, photography, and dog cuteness all in one!


That Dood Squad

This account shows off calendar-worthy pictures of a squad of Labradoodles in Atlanta. It's pawsitively entertaining!


The Dogist


A post shared by The Dogist (@thedogist)

Think: Humans of New York only with dogs. The Dogist recounts stories of dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes.


This Wild Idea

Theron Humphrey takes stunning pictures of his dog Maddie, often interacting with everyday objects, places, and scenes. He's also published two photo books, featuring his instagram photo collections over the years.


Tucker Budzyn

Golden retriever videos featuring Tucker and his owner Courtney that'll make you giggle every time.


Tuna Melts My Heart

This tiny little chiweenie is one of those four-legged friends that simply has a face built for Instagram. And yes, it will melt your heart.


We Rate Dogs


A post shared by WeRateDogs® (@weratedogs)

Cute pictures of dogs from across the internet get shared and rated, then paired with a hilarious caption. Hands down this account gets a 13/10 from us!




A post shared by Kler (@ppteamkler)

Say "hola" to Kler, an intrepid black Daschund from Mexico. Always up for any adventure, Kler will give you lots of adorable puppy eyes and the occasional fashionista pic.


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