The Best Beatles Song for Dogs

Find out which classic by the Beatles has a hidden message for our furry friends

The Best Beatles Song for Dogs

That's right! Sir Paul McCartney himself confirms, one of the all time best Beatles songs, "A Day in the Life," has a special sound included in the track that only your dog can hear. It had been a long rumoured theory that dogs knew something about the Sergeant Pepper track that we didn't and the truth of the matter has finally been confirmed. In a special interview, McCartney was talking about his love for vinyl when he mentioned the following:

“I asked my engineers why it sounds good and they explained that there are frequencies above and below that you can’t hear. We got into a row with George Martin a long time ago about that. We’d talk for hours about these frequencies below the sub that you couldn’t really hear and the high frequencies that only dogs could hear."

Then the secret came out, "In fact, we put a sound on ‘Sgt Pepper’ that only dogs could hear."

His advice, "If you ever play ‘Sgt Pepper’ watch your dog.”

How did they get the sound on the track? They literally recorded a dog whistle during the recording of the song and thus was born a Beatles song for dogs. The whistle has a frequency of 15 kilohertz - one that goes undetected by the human ear. Do as Sir McCartney says though, and play the track for your dog. When the ears perk up and the tail starts wagging, you'll know that even your dog can't deny it - "A Day in the Life" is one of the best ever Beatles songs out there.

Still not convinced? Watch the interview for yourself - and don't miss McCartney's dog impression, it's quite good: