The Best Country Songs about Dogs

If you are both a lover of country music and dogs, then we know you will love these country songs about dogs! (Heck, you probably already do!)

The Best Country Songs about Dogs

Who could argue that a loyal dog is an integral part of country livin'? Which makes it no surprise that they have often become the subject of some of our favorite artists' tunes over the decades. If you are both a lover of country music and dogs, then we know you will love these country songs about dogs! (Heck, you probably already do!)

Like My Dog - Billy Currington

"When I come home, I want you to just go crazy/He never looks at me like he might hate me/I want you to love me like my dog"

This song is all about why dogs are the best. They never judge you, they only love you - now if only we could find a love like that from another human being.

The More Boys I Meet - Carrie Underwood

"'Cause I'll give anyone a shot once and/I close my eyes and I kiss that frog/Each time finding/The more boys I meet/The more I love my dog"

Basically the same point as the first song - but from a girl's perspective. Seriously, why can't we be more like dogs?

Move it on Over - Hank Williams

"The dog house here is mighty small/But it's better than no house at all/So ease it on over/Drag it on over/Move over old dog cause a new dog's moving in"

This catchy tune by Ol' Hank himself is about a man in the doghouse - literally. But it's more than just that, it's a song about how your dog is always there for you, even when you make a big mistake.

Feed Jake - Pirates of the Mississippi

"He's been a good dog/My best friend right through it all/If I die before I wake, feed Jake"

Sometimes the world is pretty messed up, but coming home to a loyal friend can keep you grounded. I would say that is what this song is really about - how dogs remind us of our values. Plus, I have a soft spot for it since my childhood dog was a sweet Lab mix named Jake.

Ol' Red - Blake Shelton

"Now Ol' Red he's the damnedest dog that I've ever seen/Got a nose that can smell a two day trail/He's a four legged tracking machine"

Granted, poor Ol' Red gets outsmarted in this song - but at least he gets the girl. This classic country tune is about the tracking prowess of a Red Haired Blue Tick Hound and how love got a man into and out of jail.

Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old - Luke Bryan

"And I thought we would be together/Go on and on just like that, forever/But I was young back then/God I wish I didn’t know/Little boys grow up and dogs get old"

This one is a real tear jerker that will remind you of your childhood dog. Luke talks about how magical childhood with a dog is - and how it eventually comes to an end.

Old King - Neil Young

"King went a-runnin' after deer/Wasn't scared of jumpin'/Off the truck in high gear/King went a-sniffin'/And he would go/Was the best old hound dog/I ever did know"

For those real cowboys who don't often express their deepest feelings, this song is the ticket. It's a simple song about a good hound dog and the memories he left behind.

My Dog and Me - John Hiatt

"Buddy, I coulda gone that extra mile/For an extra bark or an extra smile/'Cause I never felt so free/It was just my dog and me"

I just love this one! It's true, you feel a special kind of freedom when you are out roaming with your dog. This song embodies that feeling perfectly.

Cracker Jack - Dolly Parton

"The best friend that I ever had was Cracker Jack/But he was more than that/A playmate, a companion/He was love and understanding"

If you love rescue dogs, then Dolly shares your passion. This song is the story of the bond of friendship she felt with a little pup she found abandoned and adopted.

Did we leave your favorite country song about dogs off the list? If so, tell us all about it in the comments section!