The Best Star Wars Names for Dogs

You don't have to leave the Earth to see how popular Star Wars names have become lately. Check out these creative pet names that take a cue from a SciFi classic.

The Best Star Wars Names for Dogs

So you just got an adorable puppy and in no time at all, you notice that the force is strong with this one. Or maybe your cat has been acting rather rebellious and distant lately. Suddenly, it hits you - he's gone over to the dark side.

The truth is, all over the galaxy, Wookiees, Tusken Raiders, and human beings alike are naming their domestic pets after some of Star Wars' most loved (and sometimes most detested) characters.

In fact, you don't have to leave the Earth to see how popular Star Wars names have become lately. Just head on over to the New York City Health Department website and check out the dog name database. It's a pretty nifty tool, and from it we learned that there are far more canines with Star Wars inspired names than say, Star Trek inspired names. Here are some of the stats: For starters, there is one Emperor and 19 Vaders running around NYC - scary, right? But don't worry, the dark side isn't anywhere close to taking over the Big Apple. There are 99 pooches named Luke, one named Skywalker, 28 named Leia, 5 called Han and a whopping 35 Chewbaccas and 38 Yodas!

But a lot of people are taking a more creative approach to Star Wars inspired names. Here are a few of our favorites:

Chewbarka - Pun intended. We love this cute spinoff of the original Chewbacca name, although come to think of it, some dogs are probably more aptly named CHEWbacca than ChewBARKa.

Jabba the Mutt - Got a fuzzy little mixed breed? Then this name is for you, preferably if your pup is a little chubby.

Porkins - Remember that burly rebel pilot who lost his life to a death star turbolaser? Yep, that's Porkins. Seriously though, what a name for a dog!

Boba Fetch - Inspired by the Star Wars character Boba Fett, this name is perfect for the active pet loved by geeky human parents.

Salacious B. Crumb - If your pet looks like a Kowakian lizard-monkey or has a shrill cackling bark like one, then this could be the name for you! Plus, you can call him Crumb for short (so cute).

Droopy McCool - Droopy McC was the flute player at Jabba the Hutt's place. No puns in this pet name but seriously, Droopy McCool? Too cool to pass up for a dog name - especially if you are the owner of a droopy-faced dog. If you must have a pun though, how about Poopy McCool? Anyone? Anyone...?

And on that note, our shout out to some of the best Star Wars names for dogs comes to a close. Happy name choosing and may the fur be with you!