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Camping with Dogs - Share the Adventure

Wednesday, Jun 29 2011

Camping with Dogs

When many of us are making our travel plans for the summer, we tend to include at least one excursion outdoors, sometimes more. Camping has always been a staple for the summer months. The kids are out of school and in need of fresh air and a break from television.  The weather is pleasant. The trees and flowers are at the peak of their beauty and some primal instinct within us expresses the need to commune with nature.

For many reasons, it is an excellent idea to take your dog along with you and your family on an outdoor adventure this summer.  Why leave them cooped up in a kennel or with a sitter when they can be enjoying the fresh air and playing in the dirt? Camping with dogs is an experience that they will truly enjoy and there are several benefits to bringing them along.

Let’s face it. Sitting at home on the couch watching TV with your pet pal resting comfortably in your lap may be relaxing but it doesn’t offer much in the way of spending quality time with your dog and forming a strong bond. Camping with dogs in tow is a great way to get some quality play time in while offering your pet new experiences that they can share with you. This adventure outside your pet’s home territory and comfort zone allows them to expand their view of the world and form a stronger bond with the owner they trust and love.  You can also get that relaxation time in together as well but in the middle of gorgeous scenery.

It is always a good idea to research the area in which you plan to camp in order to make sure it is safe and friendly.  However, you will be outdoors so it is not always easy to account for the dangers that nature can pose. Animals live in the wild and routinely invade campsites and there is always the risk that other people may come upon your site. Having you faithful companion with you can help alert you to approaching critters or human visitors. This added protection can be especially helpful when children are along for the trip.

Taking your dog along on an outdoor trip can do wonders for their health. It is important that pets stay active in order to ward off obesity problems and remain in healthy condition. Camping with dogs provides them with opportunities to move around outside quite a bit. There are a number of recreational activities that you can engage in with your furry friend while staying in the great outdoors. Hiking, playing fetch, and throwing a Frisbee are a few ideas that are fun while camping and are great for your dog’s physical fitness. Swimming and splashing in a river or lake are also great ways for your dog to stay active and they provide a way for them to keep cool as well.

Camping with dogs is an opportunity to test the extent of their obedience and training. If your dog has been working on staying by your side and not running off after every little thing that moves, the outdoors proves to be a wonderful testing ground. What better way to master the art of suppressing the urge to chase after squirrels, birds, or other small animals then to be immersed in the wild? If you are attempting to get your dog from excessively barking then camping can give them an opportunity to finely hone this skill so that they will not bark at every little sound that nature provides.

Camping with DogsThere are many advantages for your dog if you decide to bring them along on your camping trip this summer. They will surely enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, but they will appreciate the time spent with you even more. The only thing you need to make sure of is that your chosen campsite or camp ground is dog-friendly. Camping with dogs as opposed to leaving them behind will most likely do a world of good for your relationship with them.

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Russ Barker

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