Canine Mascots of College Football

When it comes to college football, dogs have quite an influence on the mascot scene.

Canine Mascots of College Football

When it comes to college football, dogs have quite an influence on the mascot scene. Bulldogs and huskies are the most popular, but other breeds have managed to find a place on the roster as well, including a bluetick coonhound, yellow lab, golden retriever, rough collie and even a tamaskan!

The numbers are really quite impressive. In the FBS alone, there are 12 teams who have dogs for mascots. And if you include every division of college football, there are a grand total of 32 teams who use live canine mascots to cheer on the team. It's time to get to know just a few of these famous, football-loving pups!

Miss Rev

The Texas A&M Aggies live mascot "Miss Rev" came about through some unexpected events. In 1931, a few cadets travelling back to their campus home hit a small mix breed dog and brought her back to the school to help her recover. She barked every morning at the sound of the bugler and thereby earned herself the name "Reveille." She stuck around the school, becoming its first canine mascot. In 1966, the school adopted a full-blooded collie and over the years they have kept that tradition going strong. Miss Rev, as she is affectionately referred to, is now considered the highest-ranking member of their Corps of Cadets.


If you live in the Deep South, then you've probably already seen Georgia's bulldog mascot plastered on any car not bearing a Florida gators bumper sticker (The rivalry is real, y'all). However, you may not have known about the team's live version of that bulldog mascot, Uga. Interestingly enough, Georgia's first mascot was not a bulldog, but rather a goat. It debuted in 1892 but didn't last long. In 1894, a student brought his white bull terrier named Trilby to the sidelines during a game. Apparently, with just one look at Trilby the school decided to adopt her as a campus mascot (instead of the not-so-tough-looking goat). Still, more than 50 years would pass until the school officially adopted the bulldog as its mascot. It wasn't until 1956 that the school chose a white English bulldog named "Uga" as their mascot. Uga was the first in an entire line of white English bulldogs that have kept watch over the sidelines down to this day.

Blue Smokey

In 1953, The Tennessee Volunteers took a poll and subsequently chose the bluetick coonhound as their official live mascot. It was an appropriate choice since the bluetick coonhound is native to Tennessee. The original dog was named "Blue Smokey." He was chosen during a competition held at the school's Pep Club. His owner was a local reverend. When his name was announced at the selection competition, Blue Smokey let loose a long, loud howl, earning the love of the school right away.

These are just a few of the dozens of adorable college football canine mascots out there. It makes perfect sense. Man's best friend should definitely be involved in man's favorite sport - everyone needs a loyal fan who will always be cheering them on from the sidelines.