Critters Wearing Tags Never Looked Better!

Meet the talent behind Le Howl Photography.

Critters Wearing Tags Never Looked Better!

Have you noticed the shiny new photography thats been brightening up our social media pages and website? The credit goes to our new photographer, Terrah.

Terrah Johnson is the talent behind Le Howl Photography, where she shares her knack for documenting the critter life. Whether shes capturing the beauty of dogs in wigs, the actions of animal superheroes, cats just being cats, birds of a feather, or majestic mares, Terrahs photos make the critter life seem like an amazing thing, and wearing pet ID tags look more awesome than ever.

Recently, we borrowed Terrah from her critter family for a moment to ask her a few questions about her work and experience snapping photos for us.

DTA: How many and what kinds of pets do you have? What are their names?

Terrah: I now have five dogs, two rats, and a gecko. All my dogs are rescues. Conrad will be 15 this month and he is a large lab, dalmatian mix. Jack is 17 (probably it is usually always a guess, but he is old for sure). He is a little black and grey terrier mix. Edi is 11 and she is a small hound mix. Honey is 8 and she is a plott hound mix. Tambi is 6 and a pretty black dog. She was rescued in Phoenix and probably came from a reservation. We call them rez dogs.

DTA: What got you interested in photography?

Terrah: I have always loved photography. I started when I was 17. Everything I shot was horrible, but it was a fun outlet at the time.

DTA: How did your photography career lead to "documenting the critter life?"

Terrah: My style is always evolving, but my niche has stayed in documentary style. I like capturing moments of people and animals just as they are and not posed trying to capture their essence, I guess.

DTA: What's your favorite part about working with Dog Tag Art?

Terrah: Dog Tag Art has been great these last few months. It has been challenging to shoot a different style, but also to remain authentic to my artistry. It has become the fun part of the month, when I get my new batch of tags and then start rolling with ideas and colors in my head.

Wed like to send a big thank you to Terrah for sharing her talents and taking the time to talk with us!

A Glimpse of Le Howl Photography for Dog Tag Art:

To see more of Terrah's fine work check her out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and her website. She also has an Etsy Shop where she sells brightly colored pouches and other creative tchotchkes.