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Does Your Dog have the Zoomies?

This spontaneous burst of energy makes our dogs happy and usually gives us a good laugh too, but why do they do it?

Does Your Dog have the Zoomies?

Have you ever been enjoying a lazy afternoon when suddenly, your dog starts running wildly in circles around the house or back yard? Yep, that's the zoomies. This spontaneous burst of energy makes our dogs happy and usually gives us a good laugh too, but why do they do it?

What Are Zoomies?

"Zoomies" are also known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAPs and they are a completely normal way for your dog to get rid of their pent up energy, to initiate playtime or even to alleviate stress.

The most common reason dogs get the zoomies is because they want to play. That's why you might notice your dog give you a play bow and a challenging look, which means "come chase me!" just before the zoomies ensue. Even though you probably won't be able to keep up, your dog still loves a good game of chase. You've probably seen your dog use the same tactics he did on his littermates - sprinting in one direction, turning on a dime and shooting off in the opposite direction - just to keep you on your toes.

Zoomies are also a common occurrence after bathtime. Even senior dogs get the zoomies after a bath on occasion. This might be a way of relieving the stress caused by the experience, especially if your dog hates baths! It could also simply be an instinctual way of drying off and raising body temperature.

In any case, dog zoomies are a completely normal behavior and shouldn't cause you to worry. Just make sure your dog has a safe place to zoom, such as a fenced in backyard or a carpeted area to prevent slipping and falling. It's best to just let your pet get that burst of energy out of their system, but if you need to stop the zoomies for safety reasons, try to stay calm. Yelling or chasing will only make the zoomies more intense. Instead, try distracting your pet with a treat or toy and then take them to a safer place.

So next time your dog gets the zoomies, sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Or get out there and take part in a game of chase! Either way, you'll get a good laugh and your pet will enjoy that happy rush that comes with the zoomies.



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