A Dog Tag Art Love Story

Who knew dog tags could make for such a romantic love story?

A Dog Tag Art Love Story

Gerry Floyd was planning something special for his girlfriend, Heather Jones, on the eve of the couple's five-year anniversary. With the help of his accomplice Sydney (the couple's cockapoo) and a personalized set of DTA dog tags, Gerry pulled off the perfect proposal.

Sydney was a gift from Gerry to Heather when she graduated from college. They picked her out together and named her Sydney after a six-week period Heather spent in Australia. During those six weeks away from Gerry, they both realized they were meant for each other and didn't ever want to be separated again. And so it was that Gerry decided to make things official at a cabins in the woods of beautiful Asheville, North Carolina during his dating anniversary getaway with Heather.

Heather relates, “We were planning a trip for our five-year dating anniversary and we found a pet-friendly cabin in Asheville, North Carolina, where Sydney could come and join in on the fun,” said Heather.

On the last night of their vacation, Gerry took Heather out for a romantic dinner and drinks downtown. When they returned to the cabin, Gerry put his plan into action. He quickly slipped a new collar on Sydney with three custom dog tags he ordered from DTA. He put a ring and a fourth tag in his pocket, one with a sweet cursive script and four life-changing words - "Will you marry me?"

When Gerry brought Sydney inside, Heather noticed she was wearing a new collar. She picked up her pup and noticed three dog tags hanging from the collar. Together, the three tags said: "My mom is the most beautiful, smart, fabulous, sweet, thoughtful, loving, adorable, sexy, enchantingly-weird, caring, funny, elegant, pretty, exquisite, heavenly, wonderful, most perfect human being I know!"

Of course, Heather thought this was a sweet anniversary gift, but she didn't realize Gerry was saving the best for last. He told Heather that one of the tags must be missing because there were four.

Heather continues, "He got the last tag out of his pocket and handed it to me. I read it, and it said, 'Will you marry me?' Of course, the tears began to flow, and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee holding the ring out for me.”

“After many tears and the initial shock wearing off, I finally managed to say "YES!". It was such a perfect proposal for us. Sydney is such a big part of our lives and I couldn't have thought of a better way than to have her involved in it.”

Of course, Sydney was happy to help and super excited for her parents to get married. And Gerry? He says, “I never thought that I would love an eighteen pound dog as much as I do but I couldn't live without her or her wonderful mom!”

Who knew dog tags could make for such a romantic love story? Keep it in mind if you are planning a romantic getaway or just a thoughtful surprise for your special someone. A personalized dog tag delivered by your beloved fur baby is one of the sweetest ways to say "I love you!".