Going Green with Your Pet for Earth Day

Tips and tricks on being an Earth-Friendly pet owner.

Going Green with Your Pet for Earth Day

If you've ever been told about "going green with your dog" by someone, chances are that the conversation ended with your mind boggled. However, going green doesn't require that much effort and dedication on your part. All you need are a few lifestyle tweaks, one at a time.

And what better time to "go green" with your dog than this year's Earth Day? (Which just happens to be on April 22)

Nearly 50% of American households have dog at home (and this statistic is only growing as the years go by), so the impact of pets on the environment is expanding too.

Stay green with your pup and check out this "going green with your dog" infographic to get started. It will tell you all you need to know about becoming a more responsible, environmentally-friendly dog owner starting this Earth Day.

Infographic Courtesy Of Ultimate Home Life

The Green Dog Owner