Helping Raya See the World

How one crafty woman makes pet gear to fund treatment of her Australian Shepard’s degenerative eye condition.

Helping Raya See the World

Dog Tag Art is very fortunate to have a great community of friends and fans who send pictures and happy tales to us every day. Recently, we connected with Marcia and knew that we needed to share her inspiring story with all of you.

Helping Raya See the World

Marcia is the founder and owner of Marz Petz, her home-based business in British Columbia, Canada, that sells unique paracord collars and leashes (we happen to think they go perfectly with our personalized pet ID tags). While Marcia’s beautiful and colorful products are enough reason for us to admire her, the foundation of her business is beyond admirable – it’s all about her pup, Raya:

 “I started this business to raise money for my puppy's surgery. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Cataracts and, without a very expensive surgery to restore her vision, she will likely be mostly blind by age 2. I wanted to raise money for her by doing something I love, which is really anything to do with animals.”

About Raya’s Illness

Raya is a year old. She's a fun-loving, active, and sweet Red Merle Australian Shepherd. Her name suits her well – with one look, we can tell she is a ray of sunshine. But for such a young, vibrant, pup, her progressive illness may make for a tough road ahead.
According to Marcia’s most recent update, “Raya's blue eye doesn't have much sight left, but her brown eye is still spotty and she can still see around the cataracts. We were given drops to open up her pupils, so she can try and see a little bit more.”
Still, there are no guarantees their current efforts will work: “For now we are hoping this helps her out and are planning her surgery for Fall, 2015.”

How We Can Help Raya

With her mom and little sister, Nora, by her side, Raya is definitely on top of the world. The next step is to help her see it. To lend a hand, visit Marcia is beyond grateful for the support her customers and Raya’s followers have shown already. She says, “Your shares have gotten us this far! XO from Raya.”


A sincere thank you to Marcia for sharing Raya’s story with us and for being such a great mom to her pups. Visit to see her collection, as well as her Facebook and Instagram to get updates on Raya’s journey.