Helping Your Lost Pet Find its Way Back Home

You don't know what you got 'til its gone.

Helping Your Lost Pet Find its Way Back Home

A door left ajar in a hectic moment. A faulty latch on a backyard fence. A well-meaning, but distracted pet-sitter. There are many circumstances when pets can get loose, despite your best efforts. Realizing that your pet is lost is a heart-wrenching moment. But something as simple as an ID tag can quickly resolve this stressful situation

October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month, and its goal is to promote the health, safety and well-being of all animals. In honor of this important goal, we asked our loyal Dog Tag Art supporters if the information on their pet ID tag has helped them reunite with a lost pet. Here is a touching example from one of our fans.

Lisa’s Story

We just had a scare. I let the dogs out to potty and for the first time in the entire two-year period I have had her – Ayla took off. I am not sure if she was chasing something or what happened but when I called the dogs in a few minutes later – both she and Knoxx were not responding. A few more calls and Knoxx was back but no sign of Ayla.

We live on a small farm on a thankfully quiet road, but it is after midnight, I am traipsing around in wet grass in slippers calling a dog that I am shocked is nowhere to be found.

I was about to get in the van and go look for her when my phone rang. She was across the paddock at the neighbor’s house maybe a 1/2 mile away. She was just sitting on their porch in a direction I would not have looked - finding a black dog in the dark would not have been easy in the first place.

If she had not been wearing her INSERT TREAT tag – who knows what would have happened. So if your information has changed or you just don't have a tag for your pet, I encourage you to get one. It can save their life!