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Making Connections - Social Networking for Pet Care

Wednesday, May 25 2011

Most of us are fairly familiar with the concept of the Social Network. We have our profiles, with carefully selected pictures, and all the right information. We post and comment with class and wit. We hold the power in one click to make someone a friend or gracefully deny them the privilege. It is an interesting and entertaining world and it is now a way for pet lovers of all kinds to connect and help each other save some cash.

If you have ever had to go through the stress of finding a reliable and trustworthy person to pet sit for a few days on short notice, or a skilled groomer in a new town where you know very few people, then a well connected social network just might be your saving solution.  Imagine a gathering place for pet care professionals of all kinds, where each is reviewed by other users and you can keep track of scheduling details and make appointments easily and effectively.  Now envision that you could also be saving money while using this innovative system.
Pet It Forward, which launched in April, is making that happen. This new social network for pet care professionals and their potential clients was created to be more than just your average meeting place. By directly connecting pet owners with local pet care professionals and boarding facilities, Pet It Forward makes pet care easy and affordable.

Signing up is free and users start the process by simply creating online profiles about themselves and their pet pals. From there, it is a cinch to find qualified pet care professionals in your area that are recommended by other users. Pet care providers also benefit from the automated appointment reminders and scheduling information. 

In order to save users money, Pet It Forward implements a unique virtual currency system. Users purchase and exchange points for various pet related services. This system can be used to barter or you can always make money by selling your points for real cash. By taking advantage of this method you can get a number of pet care services for about half the price that you would normally pay.

Jenna Dreher, CEO of Pet It Forward, said, “Pet care can be expensive and it doesn’t have to be. Pet It  Forward, is like the for pet care, freer and more fun. We put the power in the hands of pet owners, giving them the ability to network online with those in their community, such as other pet owners and care professionals, to find more affordable or even free care for their pets. At the same time, the site helps caregivers make more money by increasing the number of appointments they have. Pet It Forward is a win-win for pet owners and pet care providers.”

Pet It Forward is using the social networking concept to do something good for pet lovers everywhere.  As it continues to grow it will potentially provide a wealth of information and resources for pet services, both locally and when you are on the go.

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